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What Is Block Board – It’s Types And Uses

The plywood which refers to thin sheets of wood bonded together replaced wood for making furniture, kitchen cabinets etc as it was considerably cheaper The market now is flooded with technologically refined and advanced plywood types that can be chosen and used according to the appropriateness for the purpose. Blockboard is one of the compound plywood types that are engineered for uses such as furniture making, heavier worktops, and the likes.

What is Block Board?

Blockboard is a type of plywood that is engineered in a special way. It is pressured in such a way that the softwood strips are found between two layers of the wood veneers in the core of the sheet. This contributes to the dimensional stability of the board. The presence of softwood strips ensures that the board is able to hold nails and screws better than the other engineered boards. Though it is lighter than plywood, it does not split or splinter while cutting because of the presence of softwood in its core.

What Is BWP And BWR Grade Plywood ?

What are the features of Blockboard?

  • The block wood consists of a softwood core between two sheets or layers of ply
  • They do not crack easily
  • They are not likely to bend easily when heavy objects are placed on them
  • The can be lacquered, laminated, painted and veneered
  • It is easy to work with for the carpenters
  • They do not split or warp
  • The blockboard is lighter than the plywood
  • The blockboard cand be cleaned and it is easy to maintain
  • They are available in different thicknesses ranging from 12mm-50mm
  • They are highly durable and suitable for applications where long pieces of wood have to be used.
  • The standard size of block board is 2440 X1220 X 30 mm

However, it tends to absorb and retain moisture. So it has to be used with caution in places where it is likely to get wet. Since the glue used to press the plywood under high pressure to make standard blockboard is only good enough for interior use, it cannot be used in the exteriors. But you do have special grade block boards that are made using special glue, that is suitable for exterior use and they are water resistant as well.

Types of Block Boards

The block boards can be classified into different types. The types of block boards include

Types based on quality and where they can be used

  • Interior grade block board– This is meant for use only in the They are referred to as MR Block boards. MR denotes moisture resistant.
  • Exterior block board– This type of blockboard is of special quality and is meant for use in the exteriors as well. They are referred to as BWP grade block boards or BWR grade block boards. Where BWP denotes boiling waterproof and BWR denotes Boiling water resistant block boards.

Types of blockboard based on the raw wood that is used in the core

  • Softwood block board– In this type of blockboard, the veneers of hardwood are pressed together with strips or battens of softwood in between them. This type of block board is usually meant for use in the interiors and the MR grade block boards are those that usually have softwood core.
  • Hardwood block board– In this type of blockboard hard, dense and expensive hardwood strips are glued and pressed together under high pressure. The glue used is also one that is meant for use in the exteriors. The BWR and BWP block boards have hardwood sheets in their core.

Uses of Block Boards

The block board uses are practically innumerable, especially, since you have block boards meant for both interior uses as well as exterior use. However, the top uses of block boards include

  • Making bookshelves
  • To make benches, heavy top tables, and sofas
  • To make doors and flush doors with a solid core
  • To make single and double cots as well as Diwans for sitting
  • For wall panels
  • For flooring
  • For woodwork in railway carriages
  • For interior decoration
  • For prefabricated houses
  • Bus bodies
  • For fabrication work in the kitchen

The block board is generally considered to be the carpenter’s favorite because they do not bend as the plywood done especially when lengthy pieces are supposed to be used is what is block board is used for. Blockboard is stiffer and light in weight. It makes it easier for them to work with Blockboard.